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Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, ThetaHealer

& Dedicated Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist

Jen's Biography

Jen is a New Star in the timeless field of Quantum SOUL Awakening!

Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, ThetaHealer Facilitator of Trailblazing Transformation

Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, ThetaHealer, came to hypnotherapy, through a quest to find personal healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Her quest began through clairvoyant training, energy healing, explorations in divination, creativity, meditation, visualization, shamanic journeying, movement, and hypnotherapy.

The journey was accelerated, in 1991, when Jen experienced a chronic pain in the neck. Having read leading edge books by pioneers of hypnosis: Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and Dick Sutphen, she found herself led to try hypnotherapy, with a young rookie, fresh out of the Alchemy Institute, named Adam, in San Francisco.

Adam was quite good, and he induced her into a focused state of attention, otherwise known as the trance state. In this state he counted from one to three, guiding her easily and gently back to the source of what was happening for her, just before the pain started. This opened up an experience, from the subconscious mind, of being a teenager, and feeling afraid, and contracting her muscles, in fear around not being guided to a meaningful life purpose. Looking back, it seemed a carefree time. Yet the other 93% of the mind, the subconscious was not all carefree.

This opened the gateways to the infinite power, truth, and guidance, secretly housed within each of us.

Soon after this, Jen found her way to the same spiritually centered Alchemical Hypnotherapy Training, including regression, sub-personality work, past life regression, meeting guides, clearing trauma, and healing the emotional causes of illness and pain, as well as clearing addictions. It was a true home coming!

This was the start of Jen's true calling, in addition to being an artist. Jen always brought a quality to others that encouraged trust and self trust as well. This would be key, in such a chosen calling.

Being adopted, at birth, and of a uniquely sensitive nature, later recognized as indigo, rainbow, and starseed, Jen sought out many cutting edge tools, to help cut through the pain and suffering of the human experience.

She came to find guidance to seven primary schools of hypnotherapy plus related tools and disciplines, including past and future life regressions and progressions, Holographic Memory Resolution, early life and natal regression, life between life regressions, off planet, and other dimensional explorations, ThetaHealing, and Dolores Cannon Method of regression, guidance and healing from the SOURCE Self, accessed as the Subconscious.

Between 1992 and the present, Jen has invested over 2,000 hours of training in all facets of Hypnotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Clairvoyant Reading & Energy Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy for Addiction Treatment, Relationship Healing, Alchemical Dream Work, Hypno Dharma/Living Essence Facilitation, Accelerated Healing and Pain Control, Medical Hypnosis, Natal, Interlife and Past Life Regression, Brian Weiss Past Life Regression, Holographic Memory Resolution/Living as Light, Theta Healing, and Dolores Cannon Method Hypnotherapy and Healing, and Holographic Sound Healing. Jen is certified by the American Board of Hypnotist Examiners, as well as trained extensively by their Former President, Tim Simmerman, here in Santa Fe.

Jen is now deeply impassioned, on the path, sharing these tools, and learning the most amazing realities, truths and insights, within, and together, on her explorer's shared journeys.

From today's perspective of opening up starseed oneness, knowing, love, healing, light and guidance, she sees from new eyes, that the journey is not so much about healing something deficient, inadequate, bad, or wrong, yet more truly, the journey is about tapping into the living light of our true nature, expanding open the truth, and being the infinite reSOURCE we are here to open, explore, learn, love and share!



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