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About Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, ThetaHealer

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Facilitator of Trailblazing Transformation

Jen Klarfeld is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, originally trained in 1992, at Renewal Institute, in San Leandro, California, by Reverend William Thornton, and a the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, in Santa Rosa, California, by its founder David Quigley.

Jen studied Shamanic Journeying with Michael Harder, through The Foundation for Shamanism, and with Sandra Ingerman, Connie Buffalo, and contemporaries, in Shamanic Journeying Circles, as well as Clairvoyant Training, extensively, in California and New Mexico, from 1989 to the present.

Jen added to her toolkit, at a training intensive, called Roots and Wings, in Colorado Springs, learning cutting edge tools for healing addictions, using hypnotherapy as a doorway to de-hypnosis from ordinary life trances, core relationship healing, and a process, once called Hypno Dharma, Living Essence Hypnotherapy, & also Awakening Coaching, utilizing a blending of meditation, hypnosis, and the "Self Inquiry" processes, sourced from the East, and specifically from beloved teacher of Humanity: Ramana Mararshi.

This springboard led Jen to a revolutionary training called "Living Essence," facilitated by Arjuna Ardagh, in Corte Madera, California, in 1996. Arjuna, combined the best of meditation, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and the Self Inquiry Process, with many other fine tuned tools, resulting in a very advanced "Awakening" process, for Human Explorers.

Jen opened up to a new level of transformational expertise, training with Dr. Brian Weiss and his wife Carol, through The Weiss Institute, within two Past Life Regression Training Seminars, at The Crossings, in Austin Texas, in 2007.

In 2008 Jen rebooted her original training at one of the finest hypnotherapy training programs in the world, The Hypnotherapy Academy of America, right here in our own, Santa Fe,New Mexico. Thanks innovative Academy Director Tim Simmerman, staff and cosmic associates!

In addition, Jen enhanced her transformational toolkit, studying directly with Brent Baum, founder of Healing Dimensions, and Holographic Memory Resolution, a cutting edge system for transforming trauma, through body centered focus, color, visualization, and energy healing tools. Jen graduated from this program, based in Tucson, Arizona, and offered in Northbrook and Chicago, Illinois, in 2008.

In 2010 Jen was guided to train in ThetaHealing, a remarkable precision toolkit for healing and transforming beliefs and limitations, at the cellular level. The ThetaHealing toolkit offers rapid healing and changes at four levels where limiting or unlimiting beliefs get anchored, at the Core Level, the Genetic Level, the History Level, and the Soul Level. This toolkit is so powerful, and the changes take place at such a deep level, the Explorers often say, "I am different, in ways that are beyond my mind's ability to understand!" A Theta Healer in 2007, at the Brian Weiss conference, foresaw that one day, Jen would train in ThetaHealing, and assist the new children, with these tools. Theta- Healing initiates transformation at the DNA level. Theta Healing feels so natural to Jen, like knowing from our higher dimensional, or SOURCE Self. Jen particularly loves that the tools can easily be mastered for one's self, and that the tools and books by introduced by Vianna Stibal, are like a first aid kit for the SOUL!

In 2010, Jen followed her inner most longing and guidance, training in Asheville North Carolina, and later in Portland Oregon, in Quantum Healing Hypnosis, with the pioneer in the field, Dolores Cannon. After reading some of the 17, plus books by Dolores Cannon, including the Convoluted Universe Series, Jen's clients were spontaneously going off planet, into higher dimensions, piloting spaceships, accessing their deep Subconscious knowing, and more. This was her call to go train at the feet of the master. This was a profoundly life changing experience. Dolores Cannon, is unique, in many ways. She is a pioneer in the fields of hypnotherapy, past life regression, starseed regression, and contacting the Subconscious, in the cutting edge process of facilitating healing, accessing the Akashic Records, and discovering the Explorer's life purpose, all from directly within the Explorer.

Dolores reminds that we are designed to live healthy, long lives, in comfort and ease. Over twenty five years ago, her clients began traveling off planet, during regressions, recalling life in higher dimensions, on different planets, and more. In 2002, she was guided to begin teaching others, how to facilitate her unique and highly advanced methods of guiding individuals through the regression process, and beyond, into the deep Subconscious Awareness, to facilitate healing, guidance, life purpose, karmic understanding and more.

Watching Dolores facilitate her Explorers through conducting and accessing their own healing, answers, and transformation, opened an experience of infinite AWE, within Jen, that is only heightened each time she facilitates this process with and through her Explorers. Dolores explains that the deep "Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" regression work, happens at the level of the Theta Brain Wave. This is a level where instantaneous changes are accessed and birthed. We work at the level where anything is possible.

As a Wayshower, a Systemsbuster, a Starseed, Artist, Writer, Poet, and a Renegade Pioneer, Jen has learned as much through discovering what does not enhance truth and power on the way, as from discovering what does.

in 2007, she found her way to befriend the leader of a local Starseed Circle, and quickly became a core member of the group. This group gathers and shares empowerment, through watching movies on enlightened alien encounters, cropcircles, and related subject matter. We share energy healing, meditations, and food, encouragement, and LIFE! The group has no leader, no dogma, no rules, and no fees. This core group has been the springboard for Jen's new accelerated Trailblazing Transformation Practice. These Starseed SOUL Family members, have been the ones open enough to explore the infinite layers, and dimensions of consciousness itself. 

Jen's Explorer Friends have traveled with her, to access and experience past life memories, future life glimpses, angels, guides, inner resources, spaceship travel, dinosaur hunting, traveling as orbs of light, life beyond lifetimes, soul planning meetings, life off planet, travel within planets, lifetimes on other stars, planets, and in the light, as well as, higher dimensional life expressions, and alternate dimensional expressions, with no solid beginning and no real end. Travelers have experienced lifetimes as shapeshifters, and seeders of worlds, as well as lifetimes of recording life on one dimension, or planet, to bring back to another. Some have seen lifetimes as Inner Planetary Gridworkers, witnessing home planets destroyed, still returning to this one.

Jen continually marvels while learning more than she ever learned from all her formal training, put together, directly, through those willing to dive deep into the uncharted waters of their own infinite SOUL!

While Earth History may be bloody, brutal, and unkind, at worst, we are discovering that our cosmic truth, experience, and knowing, is not limited to what we are programmed to believe in, only, here on Earth. We are vastly more than this.

If you too, are a curious explorer, than Trailblazing Transformation welcomes you to come and find out more of who you truly are!

In LOVE, JOY, & Renewal...

Jen Klarfeld

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Dedicated Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Facilitator

Facilitator of Trailblazing Transformation

Please feel welcome to track my journey on my blogspot:

Call Jen for a free consultation at: 505-660-5511


Trailblazing Transformation

is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Wednesday through Sunday

From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

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