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Jen's Certification and Training Links:

Dolores Cannon Method

Healing Dimensions

The Hypnotherapy Academy of America

The Weiss Institute

Living Essence Foundation

Alchemy Institute

Sandra Ingerman

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

My Dad

Marshall Klarfeld

Soul mirror, life teacher

My Mom

Judy Klarfeld

One of my lifelong teachers

No website as of yet

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners


I dedicate this website, in Infinite Love, Grace and Gratitude, to all my inspirational life teachers, family, friends and fellow explorers, visible and otherwise.

Special love and thanks always, to my first Hypnotherapy Teacher, Bill Thornton, Founder and Director of Renewal Institute, formerly in San Leandro, California, wherever you are now! I think of you, while spreading wings in flight, in service of humanity, here on Earth, and beyond.

Bill gifted me, almost twenty years ago, with this most sagely advise, which I know at my core. He said to me, with the light of a smile dearly recognizable, across time and space: "All you need to know is the process works!"

How easy it is on Earth, in Human form, to forget this. How graceful it it to reawaken, remember, know, and most especially to share this experientially, with those who always teach me the most. Thank you ONE and ALL!



Jen's Links:

ReSOURCEful Links:

Children of the Sun

Ascension Help

Oneness through Rasha

David Wilcock

SalusaFirst Contact


Mary Rodwell

Founder of A.C.E.R.N. & Vice President of Star Kids Project

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

P.M.H. Atwater

Dannion Brinkley

Near Death Experiencer

Dr. Bruce Goldberg


Esther and Jerry Hicks

Journey to the Fifth World

Courageous Souls

Soul Collage Divination

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