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Personal Responsibility and Preparation

Who is responsible for the Success of the Client's Healing?

Does a Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session or a Theta Healing come with guarantee of outcome or healing?

Gratefully many people find me through the fame of Dolores Cannon, and her world renown, trailblazing process QHHT, as well as through her revolutionary books, on-line lectures and empowering presence.

Some book a session, for self, or loved ones with a very high tower of expectations. There is a great difference between clear intentions, which I highly recommend, and the out of balance pressure of high expectation.

I am truly blessed and grateful, as it is an awe fulfilling experience to hold space, facilitate, and bare witness to the awesome and infinite powers we each hold within us to choose, design, empower and transform our bodies, outlooks, realities and even our world. Most of us were not fully trained, within the conventional and ordinary systems of our modern world, to access our full range of true Self, guidance, healing, wholeness, power, potential, purpose and wholeness.

Let me be perfectly clear about this important area for your review, consideration and acceptance.

Dolores Cannon's QHHT, Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing, and Dr. Brian Weiss' Past Life Regression techniques and facilitators have assisted in the Self Healing of thousands, if not millions of willing and faith based individuals, as have all varieties of prayer and healing modalities, throughout time and pre-history, on Planet Earth.

Here is only a small portion of the description of QHHT, as it appears on the official QHHT website:

QHHT and Healing

Once the Subconscious (SC) has been contacted during a QHHT session, the QHHT Practitioner asks it to identify and explain the cause behind any problem, and then asks the SC if it is permissible and possible to heal the condition. If the SC agrees, healing is immediate, without discomfort, medication or surgery.

In many cases, once the SC reveals the source of the ailment or psychological problem, a release occurs in the subject’s body and mind, and the patient is freed form their condition. Many of Dolores Cannon’s thousands of clients and subjects were healed in this seemingly miraculous manner and wrote to her to over the years to thank her. That is why she began teaching QHHT in 2002, to share it with others so that they could continue the practice and in turn help as many people as possible. In 2013, her Level 1 QHHT Class became available online to learn anywhere and at any time.

In all cases, before healing can occur, an individual must want to be cured.

The healing also cannot interfere with the lessons of their present life or the contracts they made before incarnating. Our souls are eternal and we come to Earth to grow and learn lessons through individual experiences. An example of a conflict in healing could be the Subconscious not agreeing to restore the sight of a blind person, if that was one of the lessons they agreed to learn before incarnating in their present life. The Subconscious also adheres to a literal approach regarding healing. If a subject is experiencing a condition that is the result of abuse or lack of care for their body, and the person has taken no action to correct this and has no desire to change, the Subconscious is aware. Its logic will dictate that there is no point in healing the condition if the subject is just going to resume abusing the body once it is healed.

The following are examples of the extraordinary results Dolores Cannon and her QHHT Practitioners alike have experienced with clients and subjects during their sessions:

  • Cancer – various types at various stages cleared

  • Cartilage – reconstruction between joints

  • HIV – cleared and eradicated

  • Heart – healed with no surgery required

  • Liver – fully functional regeneration and restoration

  • Kidney – fully functional regeneration and restoration

  • Wounds – regeneration with no scarring

  • Migraines –root causes explained and removed

  • Vision – 20/20 eyesight restored with no need corrective vision

  • Diabetes – causes explained and cleared

  • Intestines – conditions cleared

  • Back – middle and lower area problems cleared

  • Neck/Shoulder – pain identified and causes cleared

  • Lungs – problems identified and cleared

  • Skin – problems identified and cleared

Everything is possible with Dolores Cannon’s proven method of hypnosis: QHHT.

Many prospective clients want to know, "Can you guarantee I will experience a profoundly deep, vivid, past life regression, access of my SC, Sub Conscious, Super Conscious, easily access full guidance, healing and more, in my first QHHT session?"

In truth I cannot even guarantee this for myself 100% of the time.

I want all my prospective clients to know that I, Jen Klarfeld, have experienced a full spectrum in my own QHHT, past life regression, ThetaHealing and other sessions as a client. I have received deep immediate and wonderful guidance and healing, with vivid, and expressive past life, and other dimensional scenes opening within my third eye.

I have experienced profound healing through creative expression, as well as QHHT and related healing and creative modalities. I have been blessed to experience true healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

It has also been my experience, that I have, on occasion, over-pressured myself with super high expectations, wanting a one day, or one half day session, with a fellow practitioner to root out, transform, and clear countless lifetimes and seasons of emotional pain, abandonment, suffering, misunderstanding, confusion, loss, lack, grief, rage, and fear. I have at times sabotaged my own rabid desire for instantaneous illuminating healing!

So beginning with the basic premise that we're all human, the following question arises.

Can I guarantee, promise, or skillfully predict your absolute healing, full access to your SC, Sub Conscious, Super Conscious, Source Knowing, a deep, exciting, vivid, cosmic "Convoluted Universe Four" style, other worldly, Goddess God steeped regression and immediate instantaneous full healing?

What do the Experts Say?

Here is what Candace Craw-Goldman, my QHHT Mentor, and the Original and ongoing Steward of the First Dolores Cannon QHHT Facilitator Support Forum says on her website: under the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab!faq/ci92

Do you guarantee I will be healed? Do YOU heal me? Didn't Dolores heal every one of her clients?

No guarantees of any kind are possible!


I am merely a guide and a facilitator to help you create your OWN HEALING.

All answers and all health lies within YOU.

Dolores Cannon created a marvelous method but no, not every person magically healed after having a session with her. Results are completely individual. I have seen astounding, even miraculous things happen in sessions or over time. I have seen improvement, sometimes significant, sometimes marginal. And I have seen little change as well

Dolores Cannon on QHHT Sessions

So again, the QHHT experience requires many things. From my experience the client must bring a combination of faith, trust, confidence, vision, wholeness, empowerment, intention, authority, maturity, responsibility, and stability.

Everyone is not ready to leap in and access all the bells and whistles within.

Often, when not rushed, I can properly assess, some of where the prospective client is at within their life experience and outlook, through an informational overview by phone. On rare occasions, I will honestly refer someone out, recommend psychotherapy, or a more solid option of support in the present moment.

Some factors which can seriously sabotage a successful QHHT session include drug or alcohol addiction, financial dependence on an external adult figure, government, or support system for survival, homelessness, depression, severe untreated bi-polar disorder, unwillingness in self responsibility or care, suicidal ideation, isolation, trouble with the law, and or major, unsupported change.

What QHHT is NOT:

QHHT is not a magic bullet.

QHHT is not guaranteed, from outside of you.

QHHT is not a substitute for ongoing needed therapy.

QHHT is not a substitute for a drug treatment program.

QHHT is not appropriate on it's own, as a quick fix for serious suicidal ideation.

QHHT will not suddenly cure major, trauma induced, dissociation from one's self.

QHHT is not the Lottery. It will not guarantee you walk out the door and materialize your Twin Soul Flame, a steady income, a ravishing new wardrobe, a brilliant new job, mental health and stability, self confidence, a restored new will to live, a whole new sleek sexy body, an effortless prime time talk show, new limbs, or astounding positivity, independence and responsibility, where previously there was none.

QHHT is not an instant cure for Schizophrenia.

QHHT is not guaranteed to clear all your limiting beliefs in one session.

QHHT may not cure all of your codependency issues in one pop.

QHHT will not cure you permanently of the human experience.

QHHT will not make you suddenly immuned to human feelings.

QHHT will not open your heart to full feeling flowering, without your human participation and help.

QHHT will not in and of itself, save you from yourself.

QHHT will not complete your schoolwork, finish your household chores, polish your silver, or pay your mortgage.

QHHT will not restore your integrity, or spruce up your reputation.

QHHT cannot promise to alleviate your fear of Armageddon, GMO's, meat products, leather, or chemtrails.

QHHT may not make your parents or mate suddenly see, adore and love you.

QHHT will not make you employers give you a raise.

QHHT will not polish your shoes, and fold your clean linens.

QHHT is not free of charge, or valueless.

QHHT is not your QHHT's full responsibility.

The power of QHHT does not empower you from outside of you.

QHHT will not buy you great faith, without your cooperation.

QHHT is not more important or valuable than you, or your life!


Thetahealing, in my experience is a highly accessible modality. I love it for so many reasons.

First of all, I love that I find it so easy, practical, direct and supportive to assist me in securing radical life changes from within, for myself.

I love that it is easy to learn, practice, facilitate and share.

ThetaHealing is an amazing modality, spiritual toolkit, support, first aid kit, blessing and gift for the Human Soul.

I love that it has seemingly infinite applications and benefits.

My experience of ThetaHealing feels like an inner technology we all have, yet were trained out of, upon entering the veils of forgetting, in human form!

ThetaHealing involves less performance anxiety for mist clients, than does trance, past life regression, or QHHT.

I appreciate how uniquely ThetaHealing pours through me and others, as if we are each conducting unique orchestras with it. This is equally true of Healing, Healers, Teachers and Artists alike.

There is more flexibility to use Theta healing with almost all people's and populations.

It is easier to me, to introduce ThetaHealing successfully, to people struggling with Multiple Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Adoptees, Children of Parents with Borderline Personality Disorder, Clients with PTSD, Schizophrenics, People battling addiction issues, People facing grief, fear, allergies, Disease, illness, healing, crossroads, fight flight or freeze responses, Soul loss, Abuse history, co-dependence, fragmentation, rage, hyper-sensitivity, shame, abandonment, lack, loss, past life issues, dissociation, and more.

While it does not always seem appropriate to jump in and use trance, PLR or QHHT with simply anyone, I find that ThetaHealing is amazingly supportive and successful with most people, of most ages, backgrounds, cultures, and orientations.

One of my more scientifically minded clients, who has experienced all of my modalities, said of ThetaHealing, "I don't understand it, but I can feel it!"

ThetaHealing is made up of am eclectic mix of influences and modalities, from prayer, to clairvoyance, NLP, Hypnosis, Shamanism, intuition, energy healing, meditation, healing root causes, healing at the DNA level, mysticism, linking to God, Counseling, guidance, and angel therapy.

I find ThetaHealing to be a most powerful tool as a foundational modality, to greatly enhance trance, PLR and QHHT, especially in a series or package of sessions.

ThetaHealing has a special magic, when shared with the new kids, Earth Angels, Starseed, Mystics, Healers, Seers, Walk-Ins, Teachers, Leaders, and more.

ThetaHealing is a modality easily taught or shared in a group setting, at healing fairs and expos, with all ages and life stages, as well as by phone or teleconference, Skype, etc.

ThetaHealing can be offered in an intensive manner, where we clear a half or whole day and allow transformation across one's whole life, or squeezed into a 15, 20, 30 or 60 minute session.

ThetaHealing can be used, with permission, with someone in a coma, or at the gates of the Spirit World.

One can access the spirit of guides, God, Earth, Laws of Creation, water, Angels, minerals, plants, sea life, birds, animals, spirits of the deceased, the Akashic records, and more with this swift toolkit.

ThetaHealing secures changes at the DNA level, healing root cause beliefs on four levels, the core: this lifetime, genetic: 6 to 8 generations back, history: further back generations and past lives, and the soul level of belief = the hard drive, that transcends lifetimes.

ThetaHealing is a powerful tool in clearing abuse histories.

ThetaHealing has profound applications for clearing past life vows, limiting beliefs, energy cords, entities, curses, healing pain and more, all at the subconscious or root levels.

ThetaHealing is a powerful tool for grounding, unleashing soul masteries, clearing lineages, focus, and embodying expansive levels of one's infinite gifts and Self.

ThetaHealing is a powerful modality for empowerment and manifestation.


QHHT is a state of the art, revolutionary SOURCE and SOUL based modality that accesses wholeness, harmony, beauty, guidance, healing, wisdom, truth, balance, divinity, and infinite resources, all directly from the SOURCE within.

Some people find their way to me, and know this modality is made for them, and with a healthy knowing, and some simple preparation, they experience great ease and grace throughout the whole process.

Some people discover Dolores Cannon, her lectures, and her 19 books, and on-line classes. Her information comes as such a healing salve, they want all the rewards immediately. For some these come easily. For others there is no guarantee. It may require some other warm up exercises, preparation, and foundation building first.

For some people the pressure from within is too high, and the timing is not quite right, the first round.

For some people, other foundational life steps need to be sincerely considered and implemented, before planning a successful QHHT session.

If the cost of a session will impair your survival, or that of your home, pets, or family, please wait, until you are in a stronger, more Self supported situation, before booking a QHHT session for yourself.

If the cost of a session, as a gift to a loved one, will impair your survival, or that of your home, pets, or family, please wait, until you or they, are in a stronger, more Self supported situation, before booking a QHHT session for them.

For many, a ThetaHealing Session, or series of 1 to 3, or 1 to 6 sessions, could really prove to be the most supportive and empowering combination, before taking the big leap to QHHT.

In some instances, one might even wish to build up to a Dolores Cannon QHHT session, with a series of ThetaHealing Sessions, then a Brian Weiss Past Life Regression or two, and then culminating in a Dolores Cannon QHHT Session or two. After all, Rome was not build in one day.

For some who rush into QHHT, and feel there is still more to gain, future QHHT sessions can be wonderful.

For those who have struggled and failed in their attempts to achieve a deep trance state, or a full QHHT experience with all the bells and whistles, I am happy to share extra time and care to assess your needs, comfort levels, and a strategy to win the QHHT prizes and rewards, in a new session.

Please always speak openly and honestly with me, so that I can best help you in meeting your goals with joy!

While I am not at this time offering discounts or specials, I offer highly professional, valuable, caring service, and am here to help you realize and access solutions from within.

In Grace, Love, Honor and Joy!


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