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Amazing... Relevant... Enriching

“Jen Klarfeld has facilitated past life regression via hypnotherapy for me, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. The recollections were vivid, and contained people that were easily recognizable. The events were relevant to this lifetime, and contained useful information to reinforce relationships. Jen was able to help with insights and support discussion of the regression afterward. I would certainly recommend past life regression with Jen, as a way to enrich your present lifetime with past life experience!"


Simpsonville, South Carolina

Truly Amazing

“She helped cure me of a life-long nasal drip. Truly amazing!”

Author Marshall Klarfeld

Very Enlightening

“I had amazing Past Life Regressions with Jen, before she studied with Dolores Cannon! They were all off Planet!"

"My past life regression was so amazing!!! Jen is quite capable of leading one into a deep, safe space that is very enlightening!! The energy was intense and the results are amazing!!! I highly recommend Jen for off-world, past life regression. And can not wait for my next one!!!

Many, Many thanks and blessings,"


Crystal Healer

Owner of Angel Station 222

Santa Fe, NM


"Now my health is really improving! I'm getting younger. I like this type of therapy, because there's no pain, unlike conventional therapy. I get the same results, only 100 times faster. My whole outlook on life is broadened. I especially like the life in between lives, because there, I am very smart. It's like we have a damper on us, throughout this Earthly life. I've always felt damped down.

This process uncovers the me, beyond those confining feelings. What happens is from the inside, so it's all me, in this process. The resources come directly from me. While the specific details revealed may be a mixture of fact, memory, and imagination, it's true at some deeper level. I always get a healing. The bottom line today is, I am different than I was, different than what I thought I was...I am freer!"


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Expansiveness and Connection

"Jen is a gifted artist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, yet not limited to these titles. In my first session with Jen, I experienced myself as an Arcturian, on one of the planets in the Sirius Star System. I was overseeing the engineering, production, and seeding of edible fruits and berries on Earth, during the later Atlantian time period. I came from this session feeling more expansiveness and a deeper connection to Gaia. We are multidimensional beings, with many facets to our soul. Jen is a well trained guide that can take you into multiple realms of your soul's journey. It's a pleasure being in the presence of this magnificent Star Sister and Light Being."


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Glowing Essence

“Meeting Jen was a wonderful opportunity to step forward into a new life, leaving behind the old image that I carried of myself, so that the new adventures may begin! At this point, I have only experienced ThetaHealing, which entails delving deeply into old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve us. Jen has a strong yet compassionate way of listening that goes beneath the words that you speak. She is then able to find the common thread that is causing these issues to show up in your life over and over again, because of a root belief that you have come to know as your truth. This is, in fact, a crippling thought that is keeping you from realizing your highest potential.

As Jen goes into the theta state, she is able to gently aide you in removing these old thought patterns from every cell in your body and helps fill this empty space with an empowering light and energy that feels amazing. It is as if there is a glowing essence that expands and you feel that you are finally carrying your full beingness inside of you.

I was quite surprised at the many thought patterns that I was still holding, that I felt I had cleared in the past, but that had really just been glossed over. This work really dove to the core of the issues and I was really able to see and feel the difference after Jen's many hours of patient assistance.

Thank you Jen, for a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to experiencing the Dolores Cannon work, now that my shackles have been released.”

Libby Shannon




"My session with Jen was profound.

Within a couple hours we dug all the way down to the underlying beliefs (from my childhood, from my ancestors, and from my past lives) which I still unconsciously held, yet which did not serve me. We then explored and removed those beliefs.

I arrived with skepticism and departed transformed.

Jen is an incredible healer who is motivated by passion.

I highly recommend this work."

Michael Caditz

Santa Fe

Ushering in the NEW!!!!

"Thank You Jen for everything, again. I can't Thank You enough. You are truly a blessed soul who has been inspired for our healing, and in being a BRIDGE for all others, to help each one find our way. Thank You for your work and your Beautiful HEART... and from the Bottom of my HEART!! May all Abundance bless you exponentially!!"

"Aaaaaaaaw Jen!!!! Thank YOU Dear Friend. I have you to THANK well. Thank You again DEARLY for helping me to release the old karma and for helping me with ushering in the NEW!!!! I will never forget all that you have done for me during this enlightening time of my life!!!! You have a wonderful HEART!!!! Thank You Jen for all that you do... We THANK YOU... Love & LIGHT Dear Friend."

Inspirational Author, Healer & Lightbringer

Joel Ayala Ayapana

Willoughy Hill, Ohio

Awake and Aware

"I am more awake and aware."


12 years old

Albuquerque, NM

Clear and Shiny

"I feel that this (ThetaHealing) cleaned the window and made it clear and shiny."


12 years old

Santa Fe, NM

Truly Tremendous Outcome!

"Our son came back from practice last night, and several people noted how much better he was doing, and he felt it himself. Thank you so much. It's a truly tremendous outcome. Glad you did what you did!"

Parents of 12 year old son

Santa Fe, NM

Lighter and Brighter

"The Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing session with you was a 'expansive' experience, which I need. I wanted you to know that I enjoyed our time and conversations that flowed between us. I really appreciated your energy and time that you held with me. I feel calmed in the expanded-ness that I see and feel with now. I feel lighter and brighter after our time together and I can't wait till we get to spend another 'chunk' of time together; me traveling on clouds, and you the companion to another soul's journey. Thank you with the all of my heart Jen!!

Many love sparks & light bubbles."

Jessie Miitalle

Santa Fe, based Cosmic Traveler

More Goosebumps... !

"You give me more goosebumps than anyone else!"

Janice Otero

The Dolphin Lady

Albuquerque, NM

at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration

in Albuquerque, NM

Amazingly Clear

"Hi Jen.

I've been meaning to email you and tell you how amazing I feel, after my recent ThetaHealing with you. My thought pattern has, and is shifting since our session. I find myself not going to the same old thought processes. Instead I allow more love and light, to many situations that used to drain me. I have so much more energy. Many people have said my eyes look clearer, and I hadn’t even mentioned our session. Thank you so much for spending the day with me. You are an incredible healer!!

Yes, I would love to set up a Dolores Cannon QHHT session with you. I’m so looking forward to a QHHT session. I bet every time you do one, its just a great inspiring trip!!

I did get the downloads. Thank you so much for sending them, as I had to dash out so fast after our session.

Thanks for everything!"

Lori McDaniel-Whitmore

Santa Fe, NM

Revitalizing Creation’s Original BLISS Blueprint

"I was feeling very blocked up...


Being a bodyworker

and inherently empathic,

I was feeling muddy.

My clarity shadowed by this a bit.

Jen Klarfeld is a gifted soul

who helped me through the Quantum Healing method of hypnosis,

which lead me back to the memory of who I AM

which in turn has healed my tired heart.

I feel revitalized.

Feeling more whole again and ready for expanding on what I came in to do!

This work is profound and wondrous enabling - 'Healer, Heal Thyself.'

Everyday now I am feeling more and more attuned!"

Rishelle Olga

Holistic Health Practitioner

Truly Transformed

"Jen is excellent!

Jen assisted me in clearing three issues, in my session with her at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Albuquerque. I have computer based health scans done every two months. Two of the issues showed up as being transformed into positive attributes. I wondered why the third wasn't. When I reread the positive attributes, I saw that the third was covered in one of the two. So all three were cleared with ThetaHealing. Thank you again Jen!!"

Cheryl Clemmenson

Trinidad, CO

Big Gifts, Pure Joy and Manifestational Power

"Testimonial for a Theta Healing Session

We chose to have the Theta Healing session on my birth day, July 28, 2015.

The best day to receive a BIG gift. Wow!

I was thinking this was going to be an hour session and found out it was six hours of pure joy... on many levels!

Identifying those beliefs that I wanted to let go of (the digging process,) was an enjoyable discovery, like walking down a path and chatting with a friend.

Then receiving fifty three new empowering belief and feeling downloads was a surprise of discovery and more joy!

Having typed up those beliefs, reading them on the golf course and other places of beauty and expansiveness, adds to the power of manifesting.

Oh, thank you so much Jen Klarfeld for being a dear friend on the path of life!"



Gilbert Wright

Grove City PA

Fantastic Clearing

"Jen, I just wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic session that you facilitated with me, at The Quest ABQ. I really enjoyed meeting you, and hope I can see you again sometime. Please let me know of any upcoming healing events that I can see you at, or even come and be be a vendor in. Thank you so much, the session really cleared me."

Maryellen Harris Sherwood

Reigning Victorious

"I don't feel like a victim anymore. I feel like an accomplisher!"


Santa Fe Starseed

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