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How does Trailblazing Transformation work? Overview of a Session:

The anatomy of a Trailblazing Transformation session continues to evolve and upgrade as we do. I am divinely guided, as I add the newest tools to my transformational toolkit.

The session is guided by three major influences. One is the Source of All Creation, which guides and informs the Explorer, throughout the process. The second major influence is what I call the Source Self, which is the individuated aspect of the first influence. And the third influence is the ever evolving toolkit, through which I assist the Explorer, facilitating the opening, evolution and access of the first two influences.

We begin the session with an interview, as I inquire, "What would you like a breakthrough in?" We explore what the desired state or goal looks like, and then open up, what appear as the limitations which stand in between.

"What are the physical, mental, and emotional components of the presenting issue?" This is a key component, in paving the trail to and through the desired breakthrough. Sometimes it is karmic, as in energies to experience, and transform, and at times, it is more dharmic, in other words, more grace based, as in exploring resources, expanding deeper levels of inner gifts, sourcing the multidimensional SOURCE Self.

Before we dive into the journey, we address all questions about how the process works, and how the explorer comes to this.

A key component is guiding the explorer to imagine their desired state, if they had a magic guide, angel and or wand.

"Are you ready for a breakthrough?" I am always excited to ask! "Oh yes!" is a popular, impassioned response!

And here's the part where anything can happen. Some clients have spontaneously found themselves in an activated journey, before and without my complete, formal initiation. This is an exception. 

While I have been trained in ten or more schools of transformational tools, I am now focusing the most on Theta Healing, and the Dolores Cannon Method. Both of these technologies utilize the Theta Wave state, the level of brainwaves measured in mystics, shamans, saints, and ascended masters, now accessible to us, via simple tool-kits discovered by Vianna Stibal and Dolores Cannon.

The Theta Healing tools, are tools I assist in facilitating, yet, simultaneously through Vianna Stibal's books, these tools can easily be learned, practiced and integrated on one's own.

Within the Theta Healing toolkit, we are pinpointing limiting beliefs, and clearing these back to the light, for recycling, with the Creator's assistance, and always, with full permission of the Explorer. We use muscle testing to test each limiting belief, to see if it is anchored at a deeper level. We test beliefs at the Core Level, from conception, through the current lifetime, at the Genetic Level, six or so generations back, through the bloodline, at the History Level, which can include past lives, genetic memory, farther than 6 or 7 generations, and memories downloaded in lifetimes as guides, ascended masters and such, and finally, at the Soul Level, where, if beliefs are locked in at other levels, they are often encoded at the Soul Level, which is carried beyond lifetimes.

With the Theta toolkit, we often do a "digging" process, on a charged issue, to ascertain the "bottom belief" which anchors all the other subconscious limiting beliefs in place. We may muscle test 10 to 25 limiting beliefs, yet as we shed light on the bottom belief, holding the others in place, we then pull this belief, and go up to the Creator of ALL that is, and request the best replacement belief.

Feeling work also comes into play. Sometimes I might receive a message to ask the Explorer, "I am being guided to ask you, if you know how it feels to feel safe on Earth?" We may muscle test for the missing feeling. Then I may ask, "would you like me to instill the feeling 'I know how it feels to be safe on Earth, through the Creator's perspective?" in all of the cells throughout your body, in all areas of your life, for the highest and best good?"

After pulling and resolving beliefs at all four levels, I go to the Creator and ask for a replacement belief. I run this new, more limitless belief by the Explorer, and only with their permission, through the Creator's assistance, we replace the old, recycled limiting belief with the new divine one!

After all of this, we muscle test, and after transforming the "bottom belief" we find that seemingly unrelated, limiting beliefs have shifted, and cleared. The divine and limitless beliefs and feelings muscle test positively, and the old limits all fall away!

In Theta Healing, we are activating core changes at the DNA level.

Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis similarly works at the theta brain wave, only this work takes the process to the most direct level, as I regress the Explorer to the somnambulist state, guiding them in a natural process, honoring the same patterns of dropping into sleep and dreams.

The Dolores Cannon Method, can take a half day's investment. The Explorer is guided to sit down and list out all of their physical limitations, pains, problems, diseases, and or challenges. Next they list their deepest life questions, including questions of life purpose, karma, dharma, relationships, work, and money... all the biggies.

Then we open up a dialog about all of this. Finally I lead the Explorer into a regression, usually to a past life, that their subconscious chooses. At the end of this regression, into a past life, or into the past of the Explorer's present life, I ask, "May I speak to Jane's Subconscious please?" At this point the whole demeanor of the voice changes, to a deep, knowing, wise presence. I call this the SOURCE Self, or the Superconscious Mind, or what Carl Jung termed the Collective Unconscious. This more Universal knowing self, has the ability to facilitate healing, to access the Akashic Records, to reveal the individual's life purpose, and to explain the messages behind the physical, mental and emotional challenges faced, and how to transform these for good. This is the part that can access the reasons and karma between family, friends, and associates. This is the part that reassures, reawakens, and realigns.

This is the infinite aspect of Self. This is the awareness that knows you are never alone, you are always loved, and guided. This is the aspect that is limitless, and capable of maintaining your optimum wellness. This is the perspective that knows your purpose.

I record the Dolores Cannon Method sessions, once the explorer's interactive exploration begins. It is important for the Explorer to review the information on the recorded CD, listening to it privately, the first time round. The regression, healing, and question and answer session, usually lasts about 90 minutes. The explorer receives a CD recording of this session.

Sometimes there are experiences of deep emotional release. Sometimes a download, upgrade, and or renewal happens. Some explorers traverse through a life on planet, to life off planet, through light dimensions, through higher dimensions, inside planets, on spaceships, and more.

Sometimes the explorer spontaneously chants, sings, tones, channels, travels to realms in between Earthly lives.

Some clients meet guides, travel with angels, and travel through birth in various realms and worlds. Some recognize key friends and family members, from this life expression, in other expressions. The focus and healing is always centered primarily within the explorer, with plenty of emphasis on choice, in all its heightened holographic offerings.

Reliving and releasing past life traumas, and re-framing traumatic memories, from this and various lifetimes, often clears, pain, contraction, and levels of "dis-ease", in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Clients coming to clear and transform challenging emotions, report physiological changes and upgrades. Doctors, working with such clients, do not always understand the source of these changes and improvements, yet are on hand to document the evidence, and occasionally reduce or discontinue pharmaceutical dependencies, and expenses, as they deem appropriate.

All of this adds to the inner and outer toolkit of resources, the explorer, joyfully takes away, at the end of the session.

After checking in with the explorer, for any final insights, feelings or requests, from the deepened state, we prepare to count back from one to five, adding suggestions to anchor the reSOURCE states, and re-attune the heightened awareness to present waking life.

Many comment on the surprising ease, gentleness, effectiveness and power of this process, after other more time consuming, effort based, less effective investments of their time, energy and money, on the healing path.

Usually, as the explorer parts ways, we both find ourselves in deepened levels of empowerment, renewal, knowing, amazement, relief and joy. I experience deep and infinite levels of awe and gratitude, sharing in this enriching, enlightening, uplifting transformational process.

Please feel welcome to experience new levels of your SOURCE Self, through Trailblazing Transformation with Jen Klarfeld, CHht, Theta Healer.

To learn more:

call Jen Klarfeld, CCHt, ThetaHealer, in Santa Fe, at 505-660-5511

In service, truly,


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